Car Incense Burner

car incense burner with name

200 SAR

car incense burner with name

Burner + Car Pendant + Car poles Mruki luxury.

A car incense burner bearing your name or the name of your loved one, in addition to a car hanging with a prayer, I entrust you to God, whose deposits are not lost. With 50 Luxurious Maruki sticks.

This incense burner is designed with a modern and elegant design that combines the luxury of glossy black acrylic and wonderful Islamic motifs.

This bundle contains:

- car incense burner

- car suspension

- Luxurious more sticks, 50 sticks.

Incense Burner Size

Height: 12 cm

Length: 7cm

Width: 7 cm

Comment size

Size 7cm x 12cm

The name is engraved on the incense burner and the pendant is meticulously crafted by a skilled calligrapher to add your own touch.

  • 200 SAR