Luxury Tray

luxury tray

240 SAR

Luxury Tray

luxury tray

Luxurious reception tray with a modern and elegant design and distinctive Arabic inscriptions.

Your name or the name of your loved one is engraved on the tray with utmost precision to add a special touch to your elegant and wonderful hospitality.

The tray contains a large base in a luxurious walnut wood color or an elegant silver color, in addition to a tray made of transparent acrylic with wonderful divisions.

The luxury tray is a distinctive addition to your wonderful hospitality décor.

tray size:

Height: 23 cm

Base length: 20 cm

Base Width: 20 cm

Size is approx

Chinese Size:

Height: 25 cm

Width: 25 cm

Height: 3 cm

Notes :

  • This product falls under the category of customized products.

  • 240 SAR
فهد عبدالعزيز 1 week ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
الله يجزاكم خير ماقصرتو عدلتو لي وارسلتوها القطعه مره ثانيه شكرا متجر تركواز

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