The Elegant Offer

Elegant Offer

220 SAR

Elegant Offer:

Elegant Offer:

Designed to add a luxurious touch to your elegant desk.

A luxurious perfume and makeup organizer with wonderful divisions that help organize and add space to your office.

The organizer is designed from transparent acrylic and the name is written in luxurious golden color.

The offer comes with a wooden mirror with a wonderful classic design with the name engraved on the back of the mirror. The mirror is made of wood to add a charming touch to your décor.

In addition to the leaf-inspired nature incense burner to add a calm and elegant touch to your office and luxurious home décor.



1) wooden mirror

Height: 36.5 cm

Width: 19.2 cm

Thickness: 1.8 cm

2) Mirror diameter: 20cm

3) nature incense burner

Height: 16 cm

Width: 8.8 cm

Thickness: 1.8 cm

Notes :

1- This product falls under the category of products designed according to the customer's request.

  • 220 SAR

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