The Golden Offer

The golden offer

340 SAR

The golden offer

The golden offer

This luxurious display is meticulously designed and combines the luxury of golden color and the aroma of the refined oud rooki.

With the addition of a special touch on the box bearing your name or the name of your loved one.

With this luxurious gold presentation comes the notes of Vietnamese oud and elegant golden charcoal.

This display was designed by the best designers in Turquoise.

This offer contains:

1- Super Luxurious Enhanced Maroki Oud (4 Tolls of Maroki Oud Total: 48 grams)

2- Vietnamese Agarwood Chips (4 tolas Vietnamese Agarwood Chips 48g)

3- golden charcoal (64 golden charcoal)

4- A golden box bearing the name of a number (4 boxes)

  • 340 SAR

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