Return And Exchange Policy

Classified Products Policy (Product manufactured upon customer request):

A product manufactured at the request of the customer means any product that the customer chooses (a name or phrase) on the product.

For example, the customer requested a product and chose the name he wanted.

The customer has the right to request to see the name design before implementation within 24 hours of the request (in the event that a request to see the name design is not received, we will implement the design available to us)

The customer has the right to request only one modification to the designs presented by us.

The customer is not entitled to request a cancellation or modification of the name after 24 hours of receiving the request, because we have carried out the process of manufacturing the product.

Exchange and Return:

Trkuoz is keen to provide the best service to its customers. It is your right as our customer to make the exchange and return process within 7 days of receiving the product, and you must make sure of the following:

Terms of exchange and return:

1. The product is in its original condition.

2. The exchange and return policy include all products that are not subject to modification, addition, or a prior request from the customer during the manufacturing process.

3. In the event that you receive a product that contains damage or an error in the implementation process, we at Turquoise bear all the costs of shipping and replacement, and if you wish to exchange and return for any other reason, the customer bears all the costs involved.

4. In the event that the customer receives a free credit or a voucher for free purchases, he is not entitled to convert any of them into a cash balance.

5. Trkuoz store returns the amounts in the form of a cash balance in the customer’s account in the store as soon as the returned shipments arrive at the store, or resends the amount to the customer’s account in a period of no less than a week after communicating with the customer and taking his information clearly.

6. In the event that the customer purchases the products via Visa or MasterCard cards, and the customer wishes to recover the amount, compensation will be made by returning the payment to the same Visa or MasterCard card with which the purchase was made, and the recovery period is subject to the policy of the bank (or electronic payment intermediary) providing the service. In the event that the amount cannot be returned to the same card, the amount will be returned to a bank account inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only.

7. The customer is responsible for returning the returned or exchanged shipment to the shipping company while printing the return policy sent by us.

8. If the customer is late in receiving his shipment within 7 days of its arrival, or if the shipment cannot be delivered due to the customer, the shipping company will return the shipment to the sender, and we will request the shipping fee again from the customer to re-ship the order again.

9. Shipments returned from the shipping company to Turquoise Store due to the customer's delay in receiving them, we will store them for a period not exceeding 30 days, in the event that the request for return of shipment does not arrive, we will destroy it.

10. In the event of a broken shipment arriving from the shipping company, the store must be informed within 24 hours as a maximum of receiving the shipment, we will compensate for the broken product with another product or the piece that was broken by the shipping company, 24 hours after receiving the shipment from the shipping company will not be processed Acceptance of the compensation request.

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