User Agreement

Introduction to the User Agreement:

Our online store welcomes you, (3550125921), and informs you that you will find below the terms and conditions regulating your use of this store and all the legal consequences that result from your use of the online store’s services through this electronic platform, as any person’s use of (Trkuoz) whether he is a consumer For the service or product of the store or otherwise, this is approval and acceptance from him, and he is in his full legal capacity, legally, and legally for all articles and provisions of this agreement, and it is a confirmation of your commitment to its regulations and what was mentioned in it, and this agreement applies to all types of dealings between the user and the store except for transactions related to personal status and transactions For the issuance of bonds related to the disposal of real estate. This agreement is considered valid and effective as soon as you agree to it and start registering with (Trkuoz) under Article 10 of the Saudi Electronic Transactions System.

Subject One - Introduction and Definitions: